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At Teleperformance, we deliver an outstanding customer experience, at every single opportunity, as a result of our commitment, passion and dedication to excellence. In so doing, we create opportunities and value for employees, clients, customers, communities and shareholders.

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Daniel Julien founded Teleperformance in Paris in 1978.

In 1986, Teleperformance established its first international subsidiaries in Belgium and Italy. Two years later, Teleperformance was launched in Austria, followed by subsidiaries in other European markets: Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

In 1989, Daniel Julien and Jacques Berrebi joined forces at the head of Rochefortaise Communication, the parent company of Teleperformance listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Ten years later, Rochefortaise Communication and Teleperformance merged to form SR. Teleperformance. This company became Teleperformance in 2006.

In 1990, Teleperformance launched the first outsourced customer loyalty centers and carried out the first customer satisfaction surveys.


In 1993, Teleperformance in USA was established, beginning its contact center operations in the United States.


Between 1996 and 1998, Asia-Pacific contact centers were developed, with operations set up in the Philippines and Singapore. The Group was significantly expanded in Europe through numerous acquisitions and company start-ups in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and Finland.


From 1998 through 2002, the Teleperformance network expanded throughout the Americas, into Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

In 2003, Teleperformance became the world’s second largest contact center outsourcer in terms of revenue. The company offered offshore centers and automated services to companies faced with cost pressures. Teleperformance launched business transformation solutions aimed at in-house contact centers.

In 2005, Teleperformance’s revenues exceeded 1 billion EUR for the first time.

In 2006, they acquired Teleperformance in Russia.

In 2006 Teleperformance in USA purchased AOL’s 400-employee call center in Ogden, Utah. This purchase was the 23rd call center, which the company purchased until this time.

In 2007, Teleperformance acquired 100% interest in Twenty4help, the European technical support leader; AllianceOne, a leading US accounts receivable management company; and Hispanic Teleservices, a contact center service provider with operations based in Mexico. In parallel, Teleperformance acquired the company TPH Services Telecoms, and several SFR sites. That year, Teleperformance was established in China, officially called Teleperformance 互联企信 as its Chinese name.

In 2008, the group’s operations and strategy were centralized for management under the responsibility of Daniel Julien and Jacques Berrebi.Jacques Berrebi announced his plans to retire in January 2008. He ended all his operational duties as of January 5, 2009, but retained a relationship with the Teleperformance Group Inc. as “Special Consultant” for the Group’s activities in the Americas and the Asian-Pacific markets.

In 2008, Teleperformance acquired The Answer Group, a provider of high-level technical support to the US market.

In 2009, the company launched Teleperformance Platinum, a strategy to provide improved customer service and experience.

In 2010, Teleperformance acquired Scottish rival outsourcing call center ‘beCogent’ for £35 million.

In 2012, Jacques Berrebi, Co-founder with Daniel Julien of Teleperformance Group, retired at the age of 70. The board named him “Chairman Emeritus.” That year, Teleperformance opened 5 multilingual, multi-cultural hubs to serve Europe and other markets. By 2013 Teleperformance had six contact centers in Tunisia.

In 2013, Teleperformance acquired full control of TLS Contact. Paulo César Salles Vasques was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Group and Daniel Julien remained as the Chairman of the Board.


In 2014, Teleperformance acquired Aegis USA Inc., a major outsourcing and technology company in the United States, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

From 2014 to 2016, Teleperformance created and/or opened fifteen new centers worldwide. These included centers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Guyana, Portugal, Colombia, Surinam, Dubai, Albania, Egypt, Australia and Lithuania.

In March 2015 the company announced the opening of a new offshore facility in Paramaribo, Surinam. The multichannel contact center offers support to Benelux clients in Dutch.

In May 2016 Teleperformance announced the opening of a contact center in Australia. The center has 300 workstations and is located in Burwood, Victoria, about 16 kilometers outside of Melbourne.
The company announced in July 2016 its plans to expand to Bristol, Tennessee in the United States, creating 500 jobs within the coming five years

In August 2016 Teleperformance purchased California-based LanguageLine Solutions LLC for $1.52 billion from a US-based private equity firm, Abry Partners.

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