Social Responsibility


Teleperformance works to improve business results and also to support people.

We invite friends and families to join us in our efforts to aid those in need through our charitable activities, to protect nature and lessen our impact on the environment, and to commit to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption principles. We try to make a positive difference in people’s lives and make the world a better place through three different programs: Citizen of the World, Citizen of the Planet and The Global Compact.

To help us embrace and adhere to the universal principles of the UN Global Compact, we formally launched our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (“Global CSR Committee” or “Committee”). This Committee is responsible for creating and overseeing the worldwide Group CSR strategy efforts including developing the necessary policies and ensuring compliance.
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Citizen of the World was established in 2006 as Teleperformance’s charitable initiative to help the world’s most vulnerable infants and children meet basic survival needs and ultimately reach their individual potential. Our multi-faceted commitment includes funding and sponsorship for abandoned baby shelters in developing countries, de-worming and other medical supply needs, food provisioning, computer donations to impoverished schools, clothing and toy donations, and victim transport funding.


Citizen of the Planet (COTP) is a global corporate initiative, implemented in 2008, aimed at ensuring Teleperformance operates in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.


The Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative of the United Nations to align businesses with human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption principles. It is a commitment that ensures markets, commerce, technology and finance advance to benefit economies and societies worldwide.

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