Omnichannel Solutions

  • Platinum

    VIP and Specialized Solutions

    Teleperformance’s Platinum Solution is an upgraded contact center that provides a premium level of service for specific needs. It combines the best processes, high caliber people, and cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of service and brand differentiation.

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    Contact Center

    Our decades of global experience in contact center management means that your customers will be taken care of with the same experience and dedication that has served hundreds of major corporations around the world.

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    Back-office Services

    Through our back-office services and process improvements, we can help you optimize costs while improving the customer’s experience and the perception of your brand. This approach has added value to 200 programs around the world.

  • Social Media Solutions

    An effective social media strategy is essential for all companies. We combine data analysis and genuine customer care to transform your social media channels into an effective and dynamic model for customer service, through a 5-part solution.

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    Web Channels

    Providing customer experiences in the places your customers spend their time is one of the cornerstones of top brands. Web channels give your customers the opportunity to easily connect with you via chat, click-to-call, video, or email. We have seen these solutions improve customer satisfaction, sales volumes, sales revenue per transaction, and reduce costs.

  • Analytics Solutions

    We offer a new perspective on how to drive customer experience by combining the expertise of research and analytics with global leadership in operational excellence.
    By bringing together technology, advanced statistics and customer interactions, we boost the value of every customer on every interaction and transform data into opportunities.

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    Mobility Solutions

    Implementing a total mobile strategy is an essential component of any customer care program in China. Customers expect to be taken care of, no matter where they are. Teleperformance can help you create and deploy your mobility strategy, fully integrated with your customer care strategy.

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